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Services for all industries
Besides Healthcare we also offer a variety of services to suit all industry requirements. We have huge expertise in the following :
  Imaging Services ( starting at 1 cent per page.*200 dpi b/w A4 -Large volumes)
  Data Entry from images (at rates starting from $2 per 10000 characters. Large volumes) We use latest Image-entry software and double key method to ensure 99.9995% accuracy.
  Miscellaneous Computer operator services with our skilled operators working at our site (starting at $2 per man-hour, Minimum 6 month contract x 15 people)
  Customized Imaging Software Development (starting from $10 per man-hour [ Borland ,C++, VB, MS C++][Tools : Lead tools, Skyline, Image knife, Wang, Pixel Translation, etc..] )
  Web Development Services
  Volume Image format conversions any to any
  Quality Autocad Drafting services
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