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Emergency Incident Assessment.
  We try to cover all emergency incidents that could occur.
Existing Emergency Procedures.
  In case of a disruption in transportation, we provide bus services from centrally located hubs in the city.
  Our HR policies also include a selection process of screening people for their proximity to the facility.
    If an external emergency poses a risk to health or life. Then we urge our employees to remain in the premises.
    Our facilities in other areas allow us the flexibility to adjust the manpower and workload between the sites
Key Personnel are assigned the Responsibility for Handling Existing Emergency Procedures.
External Emergency Services and Contact Numbers are kept on record.
Back-up Power Arrangements.
  We have backup diesel gensets and UPS in place to take care of power disruption seamlessly at 1 location . Other locations will be provided with these in the near future
Premises and Essential Equipment Back-up and Recovery Strategy
  Hot Sites : Alternative centers ready to take on excessive load in case of an emergency each geographically separated within the city). Viz.
  Mumbai – Lower Parel   : 250 x 2seats
Mumbai – Vidya Vihar   : 70 x 2 seats
Mumbai – Mira Road     : 135x 2 seats
Mumbai – Goregaon     : 125x 2 seats
  Our Backup facilities are situated in two other cities, this provides us the flexibility to adjust the load in case of emergencies.
  Chennai (Backup) : 40 seats
  Delhi (Backup)     : 35 seats (To be operational in October 2006)
  All centers are located in proximity to emergency and transportation services. Our personnel can be moved at moments notice.
IT Systems Back-Up and Recovery Strategy.
  Netscreen, Cisco Pix 501 with Firewall cum VPN with 3des Encryption capabilities. All servers have mirrored hard disk drives with RAID 3 recovery. Redundant mirrored servers for critical applications in place. Workstations have similar configuration for ghost recoveries from servers in case of local disk failures. Specialized software programs are in place to delete old data files and previously processed Images on each workstation and on servers. Access to previously processed images is on request only, from key personnel. Anti-Virus software's (Norton/AVG) are in place with multiple firewall capabilities. No removable drives on any workstations.
Physical Security.
  24 Hr. security guards posted at each entrance and exit.
  Frisking of employees is conducted when they enter/exit the premises.
  I.D. cards are also provided to all employees.
  All unauthorized personnel are refrained from entering the premises.
  All internal documentation is also scanned and indexed by our scanning department. A fire proof safe also provides us the safety to store our important documentation which need to remain at the facility premises.
Conducting the Tests.
  Each part of the Business Recovery Process is tested thoroughly and regularly.
  Accuracy of Employee and Emergency Contact Numbers
Training Staff in the Business Recovery Process.
Managing the Training Process.:
  Team leaders and other key people involved with the BCP are trained to perform their responsibility and further pass on the relative data needed to train their team members. The entire training process is overseen by the BCP Project Manager.
Assessing the Training.
  The assessment is carried out in conference with all team heads and key members of the BCP and this is overseen by the CEO, CTO and Project managers.
Keeping the BCP up-to-date.
  Whenever changes are made to the BCP they are fully tested and appropriate amendments are made to the training materials.
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