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  All projects are controlled by project leaders who randomly check operators for continuous accuracy. New operators are 100% checked until they become familiar with the project and meet our requirements. Quality is accomplished by 100% key verification of selected batches to assure guaranteed accuracy. Key verified work (double keying) is guaranteed at an accuracy rate of 99.5%. Of course , we always strive for 100% accuracy.
  When necessary custom error checking programs are written to improve the quality of the data entry. The first step in our quality control procedures is accountability for all documents received for keying. When a job is received, it is batched and each batch of documents is assigned a batch control sheet. Data entry operators log out batches for keying and verifying. In addition, timeliness is also guaranteed with penalties for not meeting our turnaround commitments.
  Special Quality Control through the following processes:
  Quality Autocad Drafting services
    Double Key Entry Process
SLA adherence
  Client-Audited accuracy levels of 99.5%
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